Sapore Club

Yuga & Sapore Club Theme dinner nights at Yuga Café

“Yuga“ means Elegance in Japanese, and “Sapore” means Taste in Italian.  Experience the tastes of elegance at Yuga Café’s special theme dinners and the cultural events.

We appreciate the different cultures, food, life and friendship, so we offer free membership to the Yuga & Sapore Club.

Previous Theme nights at Yuga Café

  • Taste of Autumn with flowers in Japan by Setsuko 29th May 2010
  • Il Carnevale di Venezia (February 2009 & 2010)
  • Sicilian dinner nights • Portuguese Night dinner : Saturday 27th October 2007
  • Journey through Four Seasons Enjoy Japanese Regional cooking and Cuisine By Master Chef Hideo Dekura
  • “WITH A TWIST OF FATE” A Celebratory Dinner Master Chef, Jean-Paul Bruneteau (Internationally acclaimed and Award-winning Chef &Author)
  • Tuscany dinner night
  • Swiss Night on the 29-8-09 (Saturday)
  • Symphony night at Yuga Café An Austrian chef made a special menu inspired by famous Music composers 12th &18th April