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Floristry workshop Sydney

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Yuga Floral Design
Creative Floral Design courses (Certificate course)

The Yuga Floral Design school offers a variety of courses from beginner level to more experienced students and professionals. Classes are small (up to 10 people in a class) to offer you the opportunity to develop techniques and create designs with your personal touch. Students can learn both European and Modern Japanese designs, ‘simplicity’ influenced by traditional Ikebana arrangements.

Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays: 10:00-12:00

Basic courses

20 lessons: The course is designed at a basic skills level with learning conditioning flowers, geometric forms, hand tied bouquet, posies, vase work, table designs, basket and free designs.

Tuition fees

Basic 1

10 lessons: $950 including flowers and materials

Basic 2

10 lessons: $950 including flowers and materials


$100.00 per lesson can be paid at each time, but it is compulsory to book at least 5 lessons.

Intermediate course

15 lessons: You can develop higher skills and design techniques. Colour scheme and knowledge of floral will be learned. A student with the relevant floristry experience will be considered. Tuition fees $1,350.00 including flowers and materials

Advanced course

10 lessons: refining and developing your own style and designs including commercial floral arrangements. Completion of this course will give you confidence of handling flowers and designs. A student with the relevant floristry experience will be considered.

Tuition fees

$1,000.00 including flowers and materials

Bridal Design courses (Certificate course).

Basic course (10 lessons) & Advanced course (10 lessons) The courses are designed for those who completed basic flower design course (20 lessons) or experienced students/florists. The course teaches students to create techniques and designs for any type of weddings. Variety of bridal bouquets, bridesmaid’s bouquets, headdresses, button holes, corsages, pew decorations, church decorations and cake decoration and wedding reception flowers. You may be given the opportunity to learn on-the-job at weddings and special functions. Tuition fees Basic:  $1,500 including flowers and materials Advanced: $1,700 including flowers and materials Intensive

Creative Floral Design course

35 lessons: 6-9 weeks course is arranged according to your schedule. This course is designed for those who want to gain techniques and knowledge intensively. Flower market tour included and a short work experience at our shop can be arranged. Tuition fees $3,000 including flowers and materials and flower market tour & short work experience in a floral shop

Contemporary Japanese Style designs

Japanese Hanakubari course: 6 lessons module Lessons are arranged to make designs with Japanese Ikebana techniques. Simplicity, beauty, economical and ecological designs are theme. Tuition fees $420 including flowers and materials

Heal your soul with flowers” half day workshop

Hand on Theme lesson including Yuga café’s homemade cake with coffee or Tea $120.00 (up to 3 hours) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Weekends.   Setsuko designs floral arrangement specially for people who would like to experience floral arrangement with healing the soul. After 3 hours with flowers, you feel creative, relaxed and refreshed. Good for the people for busy life.

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Students may take their arrangements home.

2 hour lesson : $100.00 – Flowers and materials are includedCourse Information
Full payment including the non-refundable application fee of $25 is required no later than 7 days prior to the class commencement.

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TERMS & CONDITIONSNon refundable application fee & tuition fee are required with each enrolment form. Once the course has commenced, the tuition fee is not refundable. Yuga Floral Design reserves the right to cancel any classes and will return payment in full.
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